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10 Things I Am Going To Do To Elevate My Femininity

Hello, welcome back to the blog! Today, I am going to share with you ten things that I will be doing in the next year to elevate my femininity. These are the things that I feel will make me a more elegant and feminine woman.

The first thing that I am going to do is manage my finances better. I’ve had a budget, but I never stick to it, so I’m going to be more strict with my finances. My main goals for my finances is to pay off my student loan, build credit, and save as much as I can. I’m not going to go into too much detail about this, but that’s the plan.

The next thing that I am going to do is plan better. I have a bullet journal, which I don’t use, so I’m probably going to buy a good planner and take some time every morning to plan out my day. Even if I don’t have anything to do, there’s always something to do, which will tie into my last point.

I will also be dressing for my body shape. I have never really been good with dressing for my body shape. I would always dress in a t-shirt and jeans or leggings. I have learned a lot about my body shape in the past few days and I’m going to start emphasizing my assets and concealing my imperfections. This will help me create a desirable silhouette.

The fourth thing I will be doing is focusing on grooming. Recently, I have been neglecting grooming due to how much I have to work, however I need to change that. Grooming is something that is essential to health, beauty, and femininity. I’m going to work on looking more feminine and sleek and well-groomed.

The fifth thing I will do is build my relationship with God and be more like Christ. As a Christian, my goal in life is to have a relationship with my Heavenly Father and use Christ as an example for how to live my life. I read my Bible every day, however I need to do it more intentionally and stop skipping parts of my routine that I don’t want to do because of my laziness. I need to evangelize and give more. Of course, there’s a lot of other things that I need to work on in terms of my spirituality, but those are just some examples.

The next thing I need to do is learn how to drive. It’s not very mature to have my parents dropping me off and picking me up from work/school. The reason that I don’t want to drive is because it actually terrifies me, but I need to face that fear and learn how to drive a car so that I can get to the places that I need to be.

I am also going to make my room look nicer. Women specialize in nurturing a space and keeping the home (Titus 2:3-5). Because I live with my parents, keeping the entire home isn’t my job, but keeping my room is. Due to sheer laziness, I have let my room become a disaster, so I’m going to work on keeping my room clean and decorating it in a more feminine and mature way.

This one ties back to my fifth point and I am going to passively look for a husband. What I mean by this is trusting God’s timing by not actively looking for a husband, but instead focusing on school and work while getting myself into the social sphere and getting to know people who I could possibly marry. The real focus, however, is not on school, work, or social activities, but instead growing closer to and trusting God and His plan for my life.

The ninth thing that I will do is minimize my belongings and organize them. This has to do with making my room look nicer. Recently, I have been storing my treasures for the world (aka buying a lot of things) instead of storing them for heaven, which Jesus specifically said not to do (Matthew 6:19-21). So, I am going to go through all of my belongings and see which things I really need and which things I do not.

The last thing that I am going to do is engage in more hobbies. I really want to sew some more and learn how to embroider and cross-stitch. I also want to sharpen up my singing and piano techniques and maybe get back into playing guitar.

I hope that you enjoyed reading about the ten things that I am going to do to elevate my femininity.

Lots of love,

Meghan ❤

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