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The COVID-19 Situation: A New Routine

As a continuation from last week’s post, I will be updating you on my routine during this situation. Because I will not physically be going to school for the rest of this semester, I need a routine to get myself on track for getting everything done. I know that if I do not have a routine, I will not get anything done.

By establishing one daily routine, I will actually be creating three: morning, afternoon, and evening. The morning routine will start at 5:30am to 11:59am. The afternoon routine is from 12:00pm to 3:59pm. The evening routine is from 4:00pm to 9:30pm.

The morning routine is probably one of the most important routines of the day. I believe that the morning routine has three parts: spiritual preparation, physical preparation, and morning tasks. I make a list of what needs to be done in each section and then I will do it in order.

For spiritual preparation, I start by reading the day’s reading in Spiritual Insights for Daily Living edited by Elizabeth W. Fenske. This book happens to have been published in 1986 and it seems to be unlikely to find. The reason that I have this book is that my dad gave it to me when I was struggling with depression and I have really just started reading it for spiritual guidence. I will then worship, read two chapters of the Bible, and pray.

After I complete spiritual preparation, I start physical preparation. During this section, I will brush my teeth, wash my face, stretch, workout, do my makeup, change my clothes, eat breakfast, and plan for the day. I finish all of those things, I allow myself to turn on my phone and check my social media.

Once I finish, I make my way back to my room to start school. We are doing most of our lectures through Microsoft Teams, so I have to be at my desk, ready to begin at 8am. If I don’t have a lecture, then I will get started on my to-do list. At 9:15, when my lecture finishes, I will begin on other items on my to-do list. Once I have completed at least one task, I will allow myself to watch YouTube/Netflix until 11:30, which is when I eat lunch.

The afternoon routine is to be divided into two parts: productive and restful. The productive portion of the afternoon starts at 12:00. This is the time where I will complete everything on my to-do list. Sometimes, I will also have a lecture during this time, which I will attend. At around 2:30, I can begin to unwind for the restful portion. Here, I will listen to any podcasts that have come out, read a book, watch more YouTube/Netflix, and/or play video games.

My evening routine consists of three parts: family time, “isolation,” and bedtime. Family time starts at around 4:30, where we normally eat dinner as a family and then start discussing our days, politics, and hold other interesting conversations. After family time (around 5:30-6:00), I go into “isolation,” which is where I will catch up on emails, go on social media, and finish my electronics time. At 8:15, I start to get ready for bed which includes, shutting down all electronics (my phone goes on airplane mode), brushing my teeth, showering, skincare, haircare, more Bible time (I read another two chapters and then pray), journaling, stretching, mediating, and then going to sleep.

Well, that is a very detailed explanation of my new daily routine caused by the Coronavirus in the United States. With that being said, I pray you receive lots of love and stay healthy!

Meghan ❤

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