Beginning of the Year Reflections: February 2020

This is quite late in when I decide to write and post this, however, I think it’s still important to recount the events of February in this blog post. In general, February was a roller coaster. Not a lot of things happened physically, but mentally and emotionally, February was quite difficult.

The first week of February involved setting up a scheduling system (that I ended up abandoning). At this point, in organic chemistry, we just finished chapter two, which was drawing various molecular structures, molecular geometry (specifically concerning carbon atoms), and resonance structures. At the very end of January, there was a bit of a complication with my genetics class, resulting in making the class a hybrid course. This made me take a big hit to my grade. I really hope that I’ll be able to get my grade up to a least a B by the end of the semester.

The second week of February, I fell behind a lot. I started to really procrastinate on getting homework and extra studying done. This is when my grade in genetics really took a hit. Due to the fact that the class was moved to being mostly online, I was unable to retain the information like I normally do, resulting in an extremely bad grade on the first test. On another note, in organic chemistry, I got a 91% on the quiz about acids and bases (thank you general chemistry for instilling this in me head).

The third week of February, I had strep throat. It was absolute hell. On Monday, I took my chemistry quiz (which resulted in the worst grade so far) and then I went home and slept. I pretty much slept for the entire week, before I felt better on Thursday and could “start again” and get all of my work done that I missed.

The last week of February was fairly boring. I did quite well on the quiz for the chapter I missed which told me the strategy that I need to follow to do well on the rest of the quizzes. We also stated reading Northanger Abbey in my English class. I would highly suggest reading it, however it’s difficult to wrap your brain around the language.

Overall, February was either really boring or really bad. So far, March is much better than February and I’ll update you on this month in April.

Stay healthy and safe!

Lots of love,

Meghan ❤

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