Starting Over – My Plan

Sometimes, life just seems extremely unbearable. You’ve hit rock bottom. It seems like there’s no hope. Everything is stressful. You want to cry every single second. Most of the time, you don’t even want to get out of bed.

These thoughts and feelings are extremely valid. However, when you feel like you want to end it all, it’s the best time to start over.

If you’re in a crisis and in the U.S., please call 1-800-273-8255 or text “Connect” to 741741. If you’re not in the U.S., please click this link and find the hotline for your country.

Starting over can be a daunting process. In fact, I didn’t know where to start when creating my plan, however this process is extremely personal for you and your situation, so it’s important to take those things into consideration.

The first thing I would recommend is creating at least 3 goals that you want to achieve while on this journey. For me, these goals are to be happier, live simpler and more sustainably, and creating healthy habits that will lengthen my lifespan.

After you’ve identified your big goals, you have to break them down into actionable steps. I personally like to build habits that build upon each other. Make at least 3 steps for each goal.

For happiness, I am going to say “I love you” to myself every morning, write at least one thing I’m grateful for every evening, and go outside every single day for at least 10 minutes.

For simple and sustainable living, I am going to stop using disposable items (plastic bags, razors, etc.), be on electronics less, and be more mindful of the life I’m living.

For lengthening lifespan, I am going to stretch every day (morning and night), eat less junk foods (less processed foods and sweets), and taking a self care day at least once a week.

These goals and steps are the back bones of your plan. Now, it’s time to fill out the plan. The first thing to fill the plan out is decide what habits you are going to start with. Find your most important goal (for me, it’s happiness) and find the step that is the most uncomfortable to you (saying “I love you”), do this step for one week, then add the most uncomfortable step int your next most important goal. Continue to do this, until you have done all nine habits for 90 days.

Then, create your ideal morning and night routines and set your alarms for when to start these routines. Start with your morning routine. Do it for at least a week before adding the night routine. Do this for at least 90 days so that these routines become habits.

Hopefully by this point, you’re feeling much better. If not, I would definitely suggest going to see a psychologist or psychiatrist to address your specific needs in a more clinical way.

Lots of love

Meghan ❤

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