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How to Romanticize Your Life

I think the best way to be happy with yourself and with your life is to romanticize it. It’s almost as if you’re living in your own little world and life just becomes the most magical and enjoyable thing that anyone can do. Here are my tips for romanticizing your life.

Create the “Perfect World”

In my mind the perfect world is one where supernatural creatures exist. Not only are there angels and demons, but there are also faeries, vampires, werewolves, druids, etc.. To me, this world is perfect because of the magic that it involves. Now, when building your world, there doesn’t have to be any supernatural beings, I’m just using mine as an example.

Live in that “Perfect World”

Once you’ve created a perfect world, live in it! Right now, I have a bad case of the flu, but I could think of it as a witch put a temporary curse on me because I’m too happy for her taste. My job, which requires me to mostly fold clothes, is magical because there are little faeries running around the store. Live in that world that you created for yourself.

Understand that Everything Happens for a Reason

There’s a reason for everything. There’s a reason why two people attempted to steal a few days ago. There’s a reason why I’m sick. There’s a reason why Organic Chemistry is kicking my butt, but there’s a reason why I got through all of that. If something not so happy happens to you, remember that there’s a reason for it. Sometimes, you can’t understand that reason, but there always is one.

Enjoy the Little Things

The last tip I want to give is to enjoy the little things in life. Enjoy the sounds of your fingers tapping the keys on a keyboard. Enjoy the sunlight and it’s warmth. Enjoy the feeling of snow landing on your face and crunching under your feet. Enjoy everything. Everything right now, is the best it has ever been.

I hope this helps you stay optimistic about life and I hope that you are inspired to romanticize your life at least a little bit.

Lots of Love,

Meghan ❤

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