Beginning of the Year Reflections: January 2020

To start off the new year, I thought I’d start a “series” of sorts where I reflect monthly about the previous month. I got this idea because so much has happened in January that I thought it would be appropriate to share what’s going on in my life on a monthly basis.

The first week of January was extremely boring. I did my normal winter break routine which involved a lot of sleeping in and being extremely lazy. I also started to pack for my trip to Texas which was the next week.

The second week of January was my Texas trip. I stayed with my cousin and we explored Dallas and Fort Worth, each on separate days. We also went to Asia Times Square where I experienced my first lunar new year celebration. The main event of this trip, though, was to see SEVENTEEN live and it was the single most amazing event in my entire life. It was such a magical feeling and it was extremely enjoyable. I am most definitely seeing them at least 3 more times (if I can).

The third week of January was mostly getting myself together after the trip before the start of the new semester at school. I had to re-acclimate to Colorado and then get my brain ready for the hell called organic chemistry.

The fourth and final week of January involved me getting back into a school routine and making sure that I’m keeping my grades high. I also turned 18, so I opened my own checking account and applied for a credit card that I probably wasn’t approved for LOL.

My grades for January stayed in the A to B range. The highest grade being a 100% in English Literature and the lowest being an 80% in organic chemistry.

My goals for February are not falling behind in organic chemistry and getting the grade up to around an 85% as well as being a bit more physically active. Something around at least 10 minutes a day of intentional physical activity.

I hope that your January went well and that your February was even better.

Lots of love,

Meghan ❤

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