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Counting Down to Christmas

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year where Christmas music and capitalism are back at it again. It’s not that I have anything against Christmas music and capitalism, it’s just that I work in retail and I’m honestly so done with it, but hey, I get paid for it, so I guess it’s not that bad.

Now, I know that Christmas isn’t actually the date Jesus was born. Christmas was set on December 25th because it is close to the pagan holiday of Yule, which is around December 21st, or the winter solstice. Christians of the time wanted to convert the pagans to Christianity, so they placed their holidays around the pagan holidays to make the transitions a bit easier. However, because of this and the ambiguity in the bible, we don’t actually know when our Lord and Savior was born here on earth.

I think that the holiday season, meaning Halloween to New Years, should be spent giving. I, unfortunately, have not been able to do that this year, just because of school and work. But, for December, I’m planning on donating $25 to various charities. I know it’s not a lot, but it’s what I have to give.

Now, it’s the 10th day of December. There’s 15 days left until we officially celebrate the birth of our King. So, what am I going to do to celebrate this amazing holiday?

Well, first, I’m reading my bible every single day. I have two reading plans that I’m currently doing, but I am also going to continue to read the Old Testament for the rest of December. I’ve fallen a bit behind in reading this very important section of the bible because of school and my mental health, but I’m going to get started again and get to 2 Chronicles 15. It’s around 5 chapters a day, on top of my other plans. The plan that I have written in my bullet journal is also on the calendar.

I also hope to go to church for the rest of the Sundays in this month, however, that depends on if I’m sick and if I have to work. If I’m unable to make it to the service, I will watch it on Facebook Live, so that I don’t miss any sermons.

I hopefully will do a lot more things to glorify Christ this season, but for now, that’s all.

Lot’s of Love,

Meghan ❤

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