Self-Care November

“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and make your happiness a priority. It is necessary”

Mandy Hale

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Now that November is in full swing, I want to talk about how I’m going to really take care of myself this month. I knew that I wanted to focus specifically on gratitude and self-care this month, but I wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to do that. I spent some time last night really reflecting on my life and trying to figure out exactly what I wanted in terms of self-care and self-preservation.

In the class that I continue to talk about, we touched on a seven word life motto and immediately I knew what I wanted mine to be: “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” I think this quote accurately states where I want to go with my life. I want to fill myself up with love and care, so that I’m able to give that love and care to others, however I can’t give away pieces of myself that I don’t have.

So, this month, my focus is self-care. I’m going to be eating foods that make me feel good, exercising five times a week, improving my grades, getting better at my work, investing in myself, saving my money and working towards my financial goals, and making sure that I am my first priority.


So, my goal is to be eating smaller meals 4 times a day with some snacks in between, focusing on protein. I will also have at least a 12 hour fast every day. I’m going to focus on consuming plants, lean meats, healthy fats, and water/teas. I’m doing this so that my diet is healthier and I feel much more energized during the day. By limiting my carbohydrate intake and increasing my protein intake, I should be full for longer and have a lot more energy.


I want to exercise basically every day of the week, but focusing my hardcore training from Monday to Friday. Every morning, I want to do 30 minutes of yoga to warm up my body and get it ready for the day. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I want to do some cardio in the form of walking, running, or dancing, depending on the weather and where I am. On Tuesday and Thursday, I am going to be doing strength training by doing pilates at home. Tuesday’s focus will be arms, chest, and back while Thursday’s focus will be legs, glutes, and abs. On Saturday, I go to karate which will act as a full body workout and on Sunday, I will take a rest day.


For school, I want to really finish out this semester strong. I want to make all of my grades become only As and Bs and I really want to spend more time studying so that I’m able to get the grades I want. On Monday, I want to only study for one hour, Tuesday for 5 hours (I know, it’s a lot, but I don’t have a lot of classes), Wednesday for one hour, Thursday for 5 hours, and Friday for 3 hours. This study schedule is based on taking 15 credit hours in a semester. I’m going to be using this schedule for the rest of this semester and next semester even though I’m only taking 13 credit hours for both, so that I get in as much study time as possible.

As for work, my goals are mostly just to become better at my job since I am a new hire and it is my first job (although, I do think that I’m doing okay).

The goal for both of these areas in my life is progress, not perfection. I tend to be focused on making things perfect instead of making things better, which is extremely damaging for my mental health, so I really need to keep this motto in my mind.


This category is mostly a to-do lost of things that I want to do. It’s very similar to a short-term bucket list. Things that will make me happy and feel good. I’m going to attempt to spend my free time in these areas: creativity, education, and self-care. In the creativity section, I want to spend more time singing and maybe get back into playing guitar and piano. In terms of education, I want to eventually become fluent in Korean and French as well as get a head start on organic chemistry so that I’m not dying next semester.

Self Care

In this section, I really want to spend time recognizing my physical and emotional well being. I have a habit of getting overwhelmed easily, so I have some self-soothing ideas just in case I do get overwhelmed. I also have a checklist of things to remember throughout the day. It’s important to make sure you’re hydrated, hygienic, moving, taking time to rest, rewarding yourself, and getting enough sleep.


The goal for finances is to save 10% of my income and then put some money to my financial goals which involves medical school and a concert fund so that I can go to all of the concerts that I want.

So, these are all of my goals for this month. I hope this has inspired you to really take care of yourself this month.

Lots of love,

Meghan ❤

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