My Daily Routine

Hello! This post is going to be a bit different because I’ve included a video! Let me know if you enjoy that or if you’d rather me stick to just writing. The video will be at the end of this post, just in case you don’t want to see me try to be a YouTuber :).

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Morning Routine

I find it really important to have a morning routine in order to be successful during the day. My routine is probably much earlier and much more elaborate than most people’s, but it’s what works for me and what helps me be productive throughout the day.

3:30am – Yes, you read that right. I wake up at 3:30 in the morning. I actually just added this part to my morning routine today. I wanted to spend some time in the morning watching the news so that I know what is going on in the world. I turn 18 this next January, so I thought it’s probably a good idea to get caught up on current events.

4:00am – So, the news program that I watch ends at 4am. After the news, I make my bed and listen to a devotional. I do this so that I can spend time with God and Jesus first thing in the morning. The devotional leads into a guided prayer and I spend a minute or so, just talking to God about my wishes and goals for the day. I use the First15 app for my devotionals.

4:20am – After my devotional, I do a work out. I mostly do this to fully wake me up and get some energy throughout the day. I also do this for the endorphins that are released during exercise as well as the physical health benefits that occur with exercise. I use FitOn which is a smartphone and web app that is completely free and gives you daily workouts. I highly recommend it.

4:40am – Once I finish exercising, I shower and get ready for the day. I’m starting to be a lot more intentional and feminine with my fashion and beauty, so I take some time here. I also want to get rid of all the sweat on my body and clean myself off of any dirt from the day before. I wash my face in the shower as well. Afterwards, I get dressed, do my makeup, and style my hair. For my skincare routine, click here.

5:30am – Okay, so this seems like a lot of time to shower and get ready, but I must admit, I watch YouTube while getting ready and I tend to get distracted. This is the time that I study my bible and spend more time with God, but today (which is the day I filmed the video), I did not have my bible in my room. So, that got switched around a bit. I highlight my bible according to the key that is in the front of my bible and that’s how I’m studying it at the moment.

6:00am – So, at the time that most normal people get up, I am heading downstairs to make my coffee. I make myself a poor man’s mocha latte in the morning which is basically just coffee, chocolate syrup, and milk. I mostly do this for the fact that it’s a warm drink in the morning to help me wake up even more in the mornings. I also spend more time on YouTube, just catching up on things that I want to watch. I also make sure that my bag is sufficiently packed for the day.

6:30am – I eat breakfast at this time. I normally don’t eat a lot and that have various consequences later in the day (reminder to myself: take a protein bar to school). I also talk with my sister and my grandma a bit before we start to make our way to school.

7:10am – My mom, sister and I head out to the car and make our way to school. I currently can’t drive, so I have my mom take me to college, but to be honest, I don’t care.

8:00am – This is around the time I get settled at school. I normally work on a blog post or I study. This allows me to get my brain warmed up for classes.

9:20am or 10:20am – At one of these times, depending on the day, I head to class. After class, my afternoon doesn’t really have a routine, so if you want to see what I did today, then stay tuned for the video.

Evening Routine

The time for this routine varies dramatically depending on what classes I have and what I am doing throughout the day.

7:30pm – This is the time that I usually get ready for bed. I start by doing my skincare, which you can see here.

8:00pm – I revisit the reading in my bible and I journal about it, using my highlights as a guide. I also thank God and Jesus for anything that happened that day.

8:30pm If I finish my gratitude early, I will watch YouTube and kill some time, but normally this is the time that I take my meds and get into bed to recharge for the next day.


Disclaimer: this is the first time that I filmed a video and it’s on my phone, so it’s not the best quality. I hope you enjoy anyways!

Let me know what you thought about the video! Do you want me to do more? What are some things that you do every day?

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Lots of love,

Meghan ❤

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